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Porn Almost as Good as the Real Thing

New technology never ceases to amaze me, and what better way to showcase how far we've come as humanity than through this filthy and perverted porn site called VRSmash. If I didn't know better, I'd say we keep progressing just so that we can make online porn better, more enticing, and more engaging. Now, don't take that the wrong way, thinking I'm complaining at all the virtual reality dick-sucking, cock-riding, and anal-banging because I absolutely love it. And what makes the experience even better is when it's free, like with this place. I've yet to find a website that features a bigger number of high-quality VR porn scenes than VRSmash.com. This place is a gold mine when it comes to the latest and greatest in the online adult industry. I've been jerking off while browsing the site for so long that my bitch called me begging to come over and hop on my monster schlong. Being the gentleman that I am, I sacrificed to step away from the computer, fuck her brains out, satisfy the slut's needs, and then come back to enjoy my new favourite place on the web.

A New Way to Enjoy Online Pornography

Since the dawn of time or, at least, from the moment internet porn became a thing, people have been looking for ways to enhance their pleasure. I've seen that progress over the years, jerking off to every even remotely interesting free porn tube site or a paid premium one. I've played porn games and fucked those anime bitches; I've been to webcams, pushing those camgirls to their limits. Still, the closest I've been to feeling an actual wet pussy on my veiny shaft, but without having a whore in my lap, was on VRSmash. It's as if they took POV porn-making to a whole new level. Hell, for many scenes, you don't even need to VR set (though the result will not be just as good). Just pick a video that makes your member twitch, and in a matter of seconds, there will be a dazzling hottie working her way up and down that fat meat of yours, working diligently for a sticky white load of hot jizz. Be careful, though, because a little bit too much time spent on VRSmash.com might make you bored of your real-life girlfriend.

Explore All the Different Genres and Scenarios

What made me particularly happy (and rock hard) while browsing VRSmash was the variety of content. Sure, everything is made for VR, so you know that it'll be steamy POV action. But it's all those different sluts you get to fuck in all sorts of kinky scenarios that really make this place unforgettable. For instance, I kicked things off with a slender blonde hottie who gave a fantastic head. Then, I switched to a busty Japanese beauty and fucked her brains out. From schoolgirls to bombastic MILFs, from solo girls to threesomes and group action, they have it all.


  • Pros

    Immersive VR Porn

  • Pros

    Variety of Scenes

  • Pros

    Gorgeous Babes in HD


  • Cons

    Just POV VR Porn

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