Wankalot Is The Craziest Porn Extravaganza In One Game


You already know that the sheriff is freaky. If you don’t know, then you should ask your mom, mofo. But even though the sheriff knows all kinks, he is still pleased and surprised with the hardcore action that this game is offering. You will be amazed by how many kinks, perversions and fantasies are packed in the Wankalot sex game. There are endless fantasies you can please with this game. So much dirty action is waiting for the players who dare to face their most twisted fantasies. You will cum so fast playing this game. 

An Eclectic Selection Of Hardcore Kinks


Wankalot is not your regular sex games. Most of the time sex games are focusing on one kink, or they come as general sex simulators, letting you fuck bitches in all sorts of positions. But Wankalot is different. It concentrates all the dirty kinks you want to experience in one game that will let you customize all aspects of your fantasies. First of all, you will get to choose and personalize whom you’re fucking. The customization menu will let you create characters from scratch. Or you can go with the ready-made skins, which will bring you teens, MILFs and even celebrity bitches from cartoons, video games or anime. Elsa from Frozen is one of the most fucked cumsluts in Wankalot. And then you get to choose what you do to the bitches. You can fuck them sensually or punish them in wild BDSM adventures. You can have threesomes of both kinds with them and gang bang sessions. There’s even the option to fuck the bitches and impregnate them, and then fuck them while they’re pregnant. You have so much liberty of enjoying your fantasies however you want. This is the ultimate sex simulator on the web. There’s even zombie and tentacle sex action to be enjoyed! 

Graphics So Realistic You’ll Feel Like Your Kinks Are Pleased IRL


When you have a kink, all the porn you watch can’t ever make you feel like you satisfied it IRL. And that’s why Wankalot is different. In this game you will enjoy such realistic graphics and so much interactivity that your brain will start thinking you actually enjoyed the kink in real life. It’s all thanks to the new HTML5 technology that makes everything look and move so realistically. It’s also because of this new technology that you will get to enjoy the game on any device you might use. Play it on computer, on mobile, directly in your browser without even downloading, installing or registering on the site. The only thing you need to do is to confirm that you’re over 18. You’re one step away from fulfilling all your fantasies. With this game you will get a taste of the sheriff’s sex life. Maybe by playing this game you will learn a thing or two about sex and you’ll be just as wild as me next time when you’ll fuck a bitch in real life. 


  • Pros

    Lots Of Kinks In One Game

  • Pros

    Advanced Character Personalisation

  • Pros

    Cross Platform Availability


  • Cons

    Your hand will hurt from wanking

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