WD Girls - drunk naked hotties who are amateurs!

Wdgirls is a small site devoted to drunk girls who do something sexy. They either get naked, or they are ready to suck a cock, or they just want to strip and tease... But whatever they want to do, they always do that after drinking... a lot! All that drinking makes them hot and horny, so they don't just get freaky - they also post their nudes and stuff like that on this site! Like I said, this is a small fucking site, and when you enter the main page, you will see only several photos you can click on... The babes you will see here are amateurs, and they are probably not this wild when they are stone sober, but a little bit of vodka, champagne or wine changes everything! I always tell you that all babes are sluts when they are horny. Sometimes this happens when you are with the right fella, sometimes you can be alone, and here we have that time when the babes get drunk, so they go wild fast! Drunk girls can be very relatable! Don't we all like drinking, then getting rid of our clothes? These European stunners aren't just tipsy, they are wasted! Some of them even pass out after all that drinking, but even when that happens, they are bare naked, so you can enjoy the hot nudes and fap to these lustful sugars who will be remembered for their most embarrassing moments! Besides WDgirls, you have drunk girls pissing, drunk blowjob, cum drunk and drunk and horny sex moments!

Original scenes you will only find here

All these scenes are original and you will see that these are some drinking games moments, something that was supposed to be fun. But I don't know if these bitches actually have fun. Sure, when they are tipsy and just slightly drunk, but after too many glasses, it becomes too blackouty. If you aren't sqeamish, you can even see them puke! Not isn't that the funnest part of the site? They trip and fall over many times, they make a mess, they lose the ability to speak... And of course, some of them pass out! But don't worry, before they do, they masturbate and play, try girl-on-girl action, but nothing hardcore... It will go into oblivion anyway! How many times were you so drunk that you forgot your own name? What's hot here is that all these moments can be seen in 5k quality! These high-definition videos are so good that everything is very obvious. The site has around 600 scenes, which means it is not too small, but of course, this is not too large a collection! I've seen more impressive archives, but not all of them were in that awesome stellar quality! So yeah, that fucking compensates for it, but 600 scenes is still solid! It would be better if the videos were long, but they run for less than 10 minutes... Give or take. So, 600 times 7 minutes means you have plenty of fap material to take delight in, my boy!


  • Pros

    A big collection of scenes

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    Unlimited downloads

  • Pros

    Daily updates


  • Cons

    Expensive membership

  • Cons

    No streaming!

  • Cons

    No photos!

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