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XCum Is A Clean Tube For Dirty Porn 

When I first heard about XCum.com I honestly thought it was the name of the first Play Station porn game, some kind of western cum shooter in which you hit the X button to Cum on bitches. A sheriff can dream, can’t he? But XCum is in fact a free porn tube and I gotta say I’ve never seen a porn site run by bigger nerds than whoever is behind this site. And I’m not saying that because the porn is boring or softcore. On the contrary, it pleases many of the sheriff’s kinks and even some of his fetishes. 

No Full-Length Or Real Amateur Porn On XCum

But what you’ll realise rather quickly is that all the content of this collection is completely legal. It’s maybe the first site where the sheriff doesn’t find any copyright infringements. That sadly means you won’t find any full-length scenes on the site, not even gonzo ones from the early 2000s. You won’t even find vintage porn movies on this site. And there’s no real amateur content featuring real couples in leaked private sex tapes. This is the future the sheriff feared will come with no mercy. But now that it’s here, it doesn’t look so grim. Let’s take a look at the nerdiest hardcore porn tube collection. 

Five to Ten Minute Long Videos From 117 Awesome Porn Categories (and 3 shitty ones)

The sheriff is in a love/hate relationship with this collection. On the one hand, the videos are short. But on the other hand, most of them are featuring the best five minutes of a scene, so in a way, it saves the time spent skipping through the full scene to reach these five minutes of pure porn gold. 

The sheriff also has some balls to break with whoever made the list of categories. You get all the big ones, plus some dirty or fringe ones we’ll detail shortly. But with all tue respect, who in the name of porn Jesus would think that between the Beauty and Big Ass categories, we need a category for Bed? Or that between Small Tits and Sport we need a category for Sofa porn. Is this site run by IKEA? If it was his site, the sheriff would also take out the Missionary category. Who watches Missionary porn if it's not the kind in which nuns and priests are getting gangbanged by the tribes they were trying to convert to Christianity?

What The Sheriff Enjoyed On XCum

But the sheriff did enjoy so much great porn coming in some of this site’s most interesting categories. As you know, the sheriff has something for hijab sex, and the site comes with an Arab category filled with porn stars cosplaying obedient Muslim wives. The variety of cum play categories is also pleasing, coming with six different kink entries (Cum On Feet, Cum On Ass, Cum On Tits, Cum Swallow, Cum Swapping, Cum In Mouth). And there are also categories for Facial, Bukkake, and Creampie. 

Although the Amateur category doesn’t bring real amateurs, it brings lots of first-timers from Eastern Europe, including lots of real matures and grannies, OnlyFans couples in homemade porn movies, and many promotional solo and hardcore sex vids from the profiles of webcam models. And even though there’s no category for it in the list, there’s also some piss porn on the site, most of it coming from Germany. These are just the sheriff’s interests. You gotta find yours, mofo! There are over 55,000 clips on the site right now, all featuring straight and lesbian kinks.


  • Pros

    Lots Of Cum Play Categories

  • Pros

    Arab Muslim Porn

  • Pros

    Big Porn Stars And OnlyFans Amateurs


  • Cons

    No Real Amateur Porn

  • Cons

    Ads As Thumbnails In Search Results

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