Xempire – HQ Smut For The Craziest Sex Machines Like You And Me!


Howdie, you naughty sex machine! Are you in the mood to read about a new hot porn site that I have recently added to my beautiful, opulent list? You know that I only add what’s good here. It would be a crime to add something lame to my perfect little steamy porn directory, and you know me – the sheriff hates crimes! I always have handcuffs prepared to arrest some sorry asses! That, and condoms of course. After all that arresting, I need to give myself a break and pound some hot asses! And when it comes to hot pieces of ass, I always have plenty of that, being the handsome stallion that I am! But you know who I really want to fuck these days? Sluts from XEmpire! Yeap, these bitches better give me their numbers, especially because I plan to subscribe! And only if you are a fucking fool will you not find this site juicy enough for you! They have 1007 fucking hardcore fuck videos, which is not as impressive as some other smut sites on my list… But it’s not bad either. Some sites try so hard to impress us that they only produce one lousy flick every week, and even though their production values are high, the quantity is too fucking disappointing. But XEmpire… These bitches are good enough. 

X Empire Porn Is All About Doggy Style Sex And Cum Eaters!


Do you need more pussy sex videos than you have right now? If you are a greedy pornophile who is never enough of slutty cum eaters, say no more – the sheriff understands! Some greedy bitches deserve to be arrested because they are fucking thieves, but if you are an insatiable porn addict, that is not a crime! Porn sites are too awesome to resist them, and it’s healthy that your libido is so gargantuan! What I like about X Empire porn is how they have multiple weekly updates, just like sites of the caliber of XNXX Gold! And some other players, With so many great smut sites, I don’t even know which ones to mention. But X Empire porn doesn’t only have steamy flicks – you also have hi-res photos, plenty of them! 

Exclusive Content, Top Starlets Who Are Huge Boner Eaters!


You may be voracious in light of porn content, but these sluts are ravenous when it comes to dicks! They just need more and more, and luckily for us, they like playing with them on camera! They use only top cameras, so no shaky bitches that give us grainy, shitty clips of 2 minutes, like you can find on some free tubes. You can stream and download their stuff, and their features are fantastic! They have a support that is always available and they have many perks for their lustful members. There is nothing about this site that I hate, and I think they should keep up the good work! 


  • Pros

    A Trendy Design

  • Pros

    So Many Fuck Flicks!

  • Pros

    Top Bitches

  • Pros

    Reasonable Prices

  • Pros

    Roku Feature!


  • Cons

    I Am Not a Fool to Complain About This Perfection!

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