XNXX Vintage Review

XNXX Vintage

XNXX vintage for all the lovers of golden pussies!

Vintage erotic videos... Babes with hairy pussies, different hairstyles than we see today, a lot of softcore sexy moments... What do you think about it, mofo? Are you up for the classic porn? It's slightly different than the stuff we see on smut sites today, but it's definitely not less delicious! Have you heard of XNXX? This is an ancient site that has given us porn for quite a while, and they even have a section called XNXX classic, or XNXX vintage. If you like fapping to older fuck flicks more than anything else, this vintage XNXX will be perfect for you! When you visit the site, you will see a shitty design - they used an annoying shade of blue, and it's not very likeable, to be honest. Well, if you like blue, maybe you won't mind! Personally, if they asked me, I would always choose darker colors, like black! I just like when a smut site is familiar. You know, all those black tubes... White is also acceptable. If they use any other color, it should be more creative, like my site. But not everyone can afford a renowned web designer - only the porn sheriff works with the best professionals! But seriously, this design looks dated and like something my grandma could like. Yet, this is vintage porn, so maybe this makes sense... The porn is dated and the design is dated. But vintage porn is only one section here, and they have so many other great things as well.

Juicy classic porn that varies in video quality

But let's not waste time on the layout. We need to talk about the classic porn you will be able to enjoy here! You have 112 pages of vintage erotic videos here, which is mind-blowing! Some of these flicks are long, others are shorter. These are vintage erotic movies, with actors and actresses that were brave in their time of glory. Porn was not as widespread as it is today, and only a few performers were confident and open enough to film steamy scenes naked. Luckily for us, even though porn was a bigger taboo before, the site still managed to collect 112 fucking pages of vintage smut! Hats off! The quality is lousy, that is what you need to know. 360p and 480p - you can work with that. Also, what I don't like is that some movies here don't even have titles, and when I say no titles, I mean they only put a word or two instead of a sexy sentence that describes what happens in the flick. I did find some flicks that are 1080p and 720p, but the older the videos are, the worse definition they have. You can rate the movies and you will see that some of them have been viewed by millions of people. Or a few people viewed them millions of times. That could even be you, mofo! After all, I know you have nothing better to do than watch smut videos on porn sites!


  • Pros

    Vintage erotic videos

  • Pros

    Lovely golden girls getting fucked

  • Pros

    A lot of content


  • Cons

    A dated design

  • Cons

    Many low-quality videos

  • Cons


  • Cons

    Some videos don't have proper titles

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