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XPee - huge shit, shitty dildo and human toilet porn!

Hey there, you gross fuck! I have a review for you today, and this is going to be kinky… Well, the site is, not me. Am I kinky for writing about it? Have you heard of XPee? This is a scat and piss site, one of the most popular ones. So, piss drinkers, turd lovers, vomit enthusiasts and diaper porn fans, this one is for you, to please your squalid little soul. Gather around because I am going to tell you why this site is worth your while… or not. As someone who supports every twisted desire, I don’t blame you if you are into this shit… literally. And that is why I put this site on my awesome list. If you like porn that involves scat, piss, excrement, vomit (well, any bodily fluid, really), XPee is a site that you should check out. This messy little fucker is great because of three things. 1) The selection of vomit, piss and scat porn here is impressive, so you have hot videos where you will see all these things that excite you, that gross most people out. 2) Their design is good and the previews are informative enough, so you know what to expect. 3) You can be a star of this site, if you decide to upload your own scat content! If you ask me, these three things make the site worth your while, but wait, the site is not perfect. I have things to complain about as well. Want to keep reading to see what the flaws of this place are?

Girls pissing themselves is hotter than it should be!

I won’t deny it - scat sluts can be sexy, and if you like lesbians pissing and girls poop porn, this site should go to your bucket list. Farting porn is not for everyone, but this site has great scat anal and scat vids that those with this fetish will enjoy. But what are the cons? First of all, I hate the mobile design of this site! It looks too messy and deplorable, they should really make it look better organized. I am not impressed by the fact that they have too few categories. I know this niche is specific and you can’t really expect too much, but I know other piss and scat sites have more categories, so this one could also use extra ones. But here’s what I hate the most – fucking ads! I don’t mind a few ads, this is a familiar way of earning some money in this business. But do they really need to have too many? It’s a disaster! If they got rid of half of them, it would be much better, and if they removed most of them, that would be perfect! I wouldn’t be complaining about it now. But this site has a little bit of everything for those who like gross things. Give it a go, I think you will have fun!


  • Pros

    Decent interface

  • Pros

    Many videos that are the quintessence of scat fetish

  • Pros

    You can upload your own kinky clips!


  • Cons

    Few categories - they could add more

  • Cons

    Too many ads - they could remove some

  • Cons

    Why the fuck do they have such lame mobile design?!

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