YouJizz Is Still The Same Cum-Soaked Gonzo Driven Porn Site You Know 

“Thank You For Cumming!” That’s the slogan these cowboys chose for their brand. They’ve must have been visiting the whores of the west, who always bide goodbye to their clients with the same catchphrase. So, they treat their fans with lots of respect, even though most men who are watching porn on this platform are still living with their parents. YouJizz is the favourite porn tube for those who don’t have any money to spend and those greedy bastards who, although rich, they still leech off the freeporn. No matter which of these two categories you’re in, this collection brings you more than 4,000,000 videos. And the number only keeps going up. Let the sheriff give you his two cents on the good old Jizz Tube. 

Jizz Tube Is Pleasing All The Sherrif’s Kinks Except One

YouJizz is not my personal go-to, but I know some guys who are really into gonzo, and they are getting most of their free porn from here. Most of the content here is coming from the 2010-2016 period, in the peak of roleplay gonzo. That’s why this collection has so much. The first time after some long months of not visiting it, I came back to see so much new porn. The upload rate is and always was pretty satisfying on the site. 

The realisation of this collection only hits you when you go to the tags page. They have all the tags listed there, from A to Z, and even I didn’t know what some of them were. I didn’t know what cock sounding is, but the site has hundreds of premium porn movies of the insane urethra insertion kinks. 

I wanted to try my luck with one of my girlfriends who became an obscure porn star in America. I typed into the search bar Pamela Rios Porn, and the results didn’t disappoint. Not only do they have most of her top movies, but they had them from the first one she ever shot to the last one released in early 2017 to the last ones that came out last month. I love that she’s a fatty now. She’s turning into the best wife porn star, just right for cuckold fantasies. If she’s married, I’m gonna propose her and her husband a passionate porn deal.

YouJizz Went Back To The Original Look

The retro style is trending these days, and we’ve reached the time in which website designs can be retro. The interface of was redesigned by taking it back a chunk of years. It used to look just like all the other sites, and it was pretty basic. They’ve noticed that people go back to flat and boxy elements on their site. The sheriff doesn’t understand too well how that helps, but he trusts the computer guys at YouJizz. They’ve kept my barrel clean and empty for so many years. And it’s nice going back to a design I know. YouJizz is one of the first legit mobile porn platforms. They still offer the same great user experience and crisp streaming on phones and tablets, today. So, what do you say, mofo! Ready to ride this beast that gives you 4 million reasons to cum? Or will it ride you?


  • Pros

    Safe And Secure Platform

  • Pros

    Only Premium Porn For Free

  • Pros

    Well Organised Library


  • Cons

    No Real Amateur Teens And Wives

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