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Youramateurporn is one of the sites with the best amateur porn

Ok, so is one of those places... You have free amateur porn here, lots and lots of it. Not just a lot of thumbnails, but also a lot of long videos. These amatuer sex videos feature unknown sugars who fuck not because of money, but for the sake of having sex. You will see yummy homemade sex tapes here, and stuff like ex gf revenge flicks. If you like home porn, I know that many will say this is one of the sites with the best amateur porn you can find on the web. Now, I don’t really hate this design, but to me it is kind of boring. A black background, a lot of white links, and of course, the ads! These loyal fucking companions that always follow you wherever you go in this porn universe. Jeez, I wish I saw some of my friends as much as I see these ads. If people were there for me as much as these fucking ads are, I would need nothing in life! And you know what? I wish these ads were criminals, so I could arrest them and put them behind bars, just like many of those bitches I caught red-handed. Not even ad block programs can always get rid of these little trolls, and it’s actually fortunate for bastards who earn money from them. I do support the money earning, though. But make porn, you fuck, don’t put ads on my porn! 

Woah, what’s with that heap of links??

So, the organization here is not a goodie. They have this boring-looking logo, some tabs and some links that don’t really have to be here if you ask the sheriff. These are some top amateur sites, and they are cool to explore if you need even more

best amateur porn, but I always hate how these links just stand there, in the middle of the main page. They should place them somewhere else, they are distracting me from my dirt. But when I think about it, the site doesn’t even look that bad. They have sorting options and you can choose the video duration, and let’s not forget to mention the categories. But these ads really go to another level to irritate me, sometimes you have to face a monster that won’t let you go further and use the navigation tools unless you click on the continue to Youramateurporn. It happens when you click on the next page, for instance. I expected it to happen when I was opening a video, but I was pleasantly surprised to not see it! However, I was underwhelmed when I realized that the videos didn’t have descriptions. You do have categories and a few tags, and below each vid, you will see related ones. The video player is a bit slow and it takes several times to click the play button for it to start. These are some occurences I was not delighted with on Youramateurporn. 


  • Pros

    Free amateur porn with homemade sex tapes

  • Pros

    Sluts who are sex-crazed and dick-hungry


  • Cons

    A boring design

  • Cons

    For a smut god's sake, remove these ads!

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