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Your Dirty Mind - no flicks, just nudes of hotties!

If a site is called Your Dirty Mind, you can bet I will want to see it! With so many smut sites nowadays, coming up with a perfect site's name is perhaps a difficult task. Some sites have simple, straightforward names, like or Passion HD. This is cool, and I guess more fuckers will be allured by names like these. Then you have sites with very stupid names, where the level of creativity is fucking zero. But if the content is great, that makes up for the crappy name. And there are sites like Your Dirty Mind! So far, this is what I could gather - a hot and enticing name, content that is promising, but limited, luscious famous sluts, a very fucking weird logo, and an OK design... But let me clarify this, may I? Oh, I am so silly. What sheriff asks questions like this?! But hey, I'm a polite sheriff with manners... Ha, ha, ha - the joke of the century! But let's continue with our review! I have things to say about this little bastard called Your Dirty Mind. First of all, when I saw the name, I had high hopes. I thought the site would be marvelous! And it's not bad, don't get me wrong. but I just want more fucking porn! The porn here is sort of limited. You have photos of sluts, and some texts about these galleries, but no fuck flicks, no full-length movies, not even short sex clips where you only see the hottest part of the action. And perhaps some other blog porn sites spoiled me. Some of them are blogs, but they also offer sex movies and things we like! So, this site is good, but if you want to read articles and stare at nudes. 

To see more, you will need to visit the host sites

The design is not perfect. It looks a bit boring, the organisation could be better and they could add a menu bar, or something. But it's pretty simple and straight forward. You visit the site and you see many thumbnails of various posts. You have tags and an intro text that serves as an overture. Nothing here is exceptional to the point you will drop your jaw, but they offer solid smut content. They don't have videos, but you can enjoy sex photos and delicious nudes of pornstars. If you want to see more, you can open the host sites... This is going to be a con, I can see it right away! The right side of the main page is where the site's friends are. These are free porn sites that are not the most famous, but Your Dirty Mind is also not as popular as Brazzers and PornHub. One thing I simply have to mention is the logo here... What the fuck is this shit?! It's a fucking brain! Nothing here is sexy, it reminds me of some sort of a psychology and medicine site. They could have added a dick or tits, or something. Now, that would be a hot logo!


  • Pros

    High-quality porn pics

  • Pros


  • Pros

    It's free!


  • Cons

    Boring layout

  • Cons

    Limited porn content

  • Cons

    Mediocre organisation

  • Cons

    Unusual logo for a porn site

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