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Who are you, PornSheriff?

Hey, you horny spaz, who can't stop thinking about fapping to delicious dick-sucking sluts! You want to know who the fuck I am?! I will tell you who I am! I'm the very fucking person you should listen to if you want to find some good porn on the web these days! I am the main stud in this business, someone who will connect you to what you need, no matter how kinky and pervy you are (and who are we kidding? - You fucking are, a lot)! I am someone who cares about giving you high-quality porn sites, and I only pick the best ones! This means no shitty grainy two-minute clips, no flashy pop-ups, no lousy content, that's for sure! I know there are many directories today, and you probably use them to encounter some good smut finds. But why should you bookmark my site? Because I'm fucking phenomenal and my site is the best! You will see that the moment you start checking out the links! Here you will find everything, from A to Z, from vanilla to BDSM, and I even remembered to include categories some other directories often forget! How do you like that, klutz? You don't need to type all those keywords to find desired smutty content, you don't need to look for porn sites and risk someone else seeing what you have been doing, and you don't want to be that loser who gets caught searching for porn content! All you have to do is visit my site just once, bookmark it, and voila - you will see all the sites you need!

What is your mission, PornSheriff?

You're a smart kid, I don't need to tell you twice - I am here because the world fucking needs me! Everyone needs porn directories today, and it seems all people can think about nowadays is sex! We are a bunch of sex-crazed maniacs and this is what makes us happy. But here's what you need to know - I strive not just to have any porn directory, but the ultimate one! My goal is this - my site will represent the best porn sites directory ever! At this moment, I already have so much awesome stuff in store for you, stud. You can find premium sites, free sites, Asian sites, hentai sites, gay sites, trans sites, online sex stores sites, comic porn sites, picture porn sites... But these sites are not some mediocre shit, OK? They have the best sex movies, the hottest pics, the most luscious pornstars, the production values are high as a fucking kite, and there are no fucking ads to make you wanna kill yourself in the middle of your best jerk session! All this shit is important, right? And this is especially crucial these days, with this fucking Covid-19 still harassing us... We are spending a lot of time at home, enjoying ourselves, so we need good porn sites, and we need a lot of them! After all, what better way to spend some quality time with yourself?

Why are you doing this, what's in it for you?

What if I told you that I just like porn so much I am the most fucking generous person when it comes to it?! I just want to work with it, share it, do research about it, explore every single xxx site on the web, write about it, give you my honest opinions, help you find your path (choose the porn sites that make you cum the hardest)... There are so many sites today, and so many smut sites that are worth checking out. No matter how much you are invested in this, and how much you like spending time on different porn sites, it's impossible to stumble upon all the interesting finds out there on your own. And trust me, big boy, you don't want to miss some of these sites! You will mostly stick to a few sites that work for you, and you will never fucking know how awesome some other sites are, at least not without my help. That is why we make directories. Directories give you more than you even bargained for. I am the sheriff, for god's sake! If there is someone who knows all the good porn places, that is me! I know where those smelly asses get poked the hardest, I know where ebony stunners get their knees dirty, where hentai bitches get raped by octopuses for the best price and for free! Don't be retarded, take advantage of it! When life gives you porn sites, you fucking grab your tissues and don't ask me why I gave you all these hot websites!

What is your favorite type of porn, Pornsheriff?

Are you fucking kidding me?! A favorite type of porn?! What is that?! Pornsheriff likes all of it, every fucking piece of this delicious erotic cake we call the porn industry. Why have one favorite type of porn, when all categories are pure perfection? I want to see white sluts getting boinked by black monster-cocks, Asian dick suckers having their tight little cunts drilled like it is the last time ever, lesbian bimbos fucking their toys like there is no tomorrow, teen eye candies having their adorable little faces fucked without mercy, milf whores slurping boners like fucking noodles, and I even want my site to offer gay and trans sites for all the mofos who are into this niche! There is no best type of porn, do you hear me? All categories, all niches, all the sites here are my babies, and I love them equally! After all, it took me a while to find them and explore them, choose to put them here. Like I said, only crème de la crème folks are here, so expect platforms that are nothing less than phenomenal! I think now you know everything you need to know about me, mofo. It's time to check out the sites and fap like your life depends on it!

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